Birthday Night Out! I’m 29!!

Over the weekend I turned 29!! How scary is that! My mom and some old family friends took me out for my birthday and we had sooo much fun! We went to a place in Rockwall, TX called The Harbor to a mexican restaurant called El Portrillo. Great food, drinks and dancing! We were having such a good time that I forgot to take pictures of how great this place was. It was off Lake Ray Hubbard and it seemed like we had travel to a great little place off the beach! I live in Fort Worth so no beach anywhere around here :(   We all have kids and it was fun to get out and cut loose for a night! I’ve known these girls since I was about 5 and got back in touch with some of them just last year! After dinner we and a few drinks we had an impromptu photo shoot at the fountain, the more pictures we took the crazier the pictures got! (I will not embarrass them or myself by posting them though) Then we headed back for cake and some more drinks and laughed the night away! They sure know how to make a girl feel loved and special, couldn’t have asked for anything else! The next night my hubby and I went to see “Little Fockers” (not as good as the other two,might be better as a rental) then out to dinner.

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