Mally Cosmetics Mascara Review

Mally Volumizing Mascara

After doing my last review on Mally Cosmetics one of my readers, Velya, suggested that I try her mascara. I looked into it and ordered mine shortly after. Mally Cosmetics¬† mascara is one of her top sellers. According to Mally, before she made the mascara she used to spend hours (I don’t know about that) using a mascara, brush, pigments and a comb creating her famous clients’ voluminous, long lashes. She finally combined her method and bottled it up to create her Volumizing mascara.

After I received it I quickly washed off my eye makeup and tried this bad boy out. And I have to say that I am impressed! I love the pigmentation, it is one of the darkest mascaras I have tried. The formula is slightly drier and it almost seems like it’s old but it doesn’t apply like so. It doesn’t flake off and lasts for quite some time.¬† After two coats my lashes definitely looked more voluminous. The mascara didn’t really lengthen though, so that was a little disappointing. When I saw her on QVC she said numerous times that if you would keep on applying it, your lashes would look scary long! I didn’t really find that to be true, but I think I may combine a lengthening mascara plus this one to create long, voluminous, gorgeous lashes! The one thing that I have noticed, is that I always seem to get some of this on my lid, this is not a problem I have with other mascaras, so I’m not sure what the deal is!

Mally Volumizing Mascara

With Two Coats/Without

I totally recommend this mascara if you love thick, dark lashes. I can see why it’s a favorite. You can find this mascara on for $20.00 or for $28.00/2. I would go with QVC it’s a better deal!


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NARS Cosmetics Spring Collection 2011
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