NARS Sheer Matte Review

Out of all the foundations I have tried, which are more than I can count, I would have to say that the NARS Sheer Glow would take the top prize! I love everything about it, except for the price. I have oily skin, so I thought the Sheer Matte might be even better for my skin type. When I finally received it from Sephora I couldn’t wait to try it on. So I washed my face and decided to try it out.  But I was so disappointed when I applied it on my face.  The consistency is the same. But when you apply it, its kind of hard to blend. I tried a stippling brush at first but it didn’t look smooth and even. Then I tried the traditional foundation brush and it was extremely streaky. Eventually I had to use my fingers to blend it out. The coverage of this foundation is very sheer. I know, the name of the foundation is Sheer Matte, however you have to apply a lot of it to get some kind of coverage. I don’t have horrible skin, but I do have my imperfections! This  emphasized by Grand Canyon sized pores because it settled into them and looked like I had it on for hours! The Sheer Glow gives great coverage without feeling heavy or cakey. The Matte is the complete opposite!  The Matte does look lighter when swatched, but once it’s blended in to the skin the color is the same as the Glow. The shade I ordered was in Stromboli. Overall I would have to say that I am not pleased with the Matte. If you have oily skin, the Glow is still the best way to go! I’m returning mine to Sephora and getting my HG foundation!

NARS Sheer Glow & Sheer Matte

NARS Sheer matte & sheer glow swatches

Matte(left) Glow(right) in Stromboli

NARS Sheer Glow & Matte Swatches blended into skin

Blended into skin

NARS sheer matte in Stromboli

NARS Sheer Matte in Stromboli close up


NARS Cosmetics Spring 2011 Collection

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NARS Cosmetics Spring Collection 2011
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