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OPI Katy Perry Collection

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Back in January OPI released their very popular Katy Perry collection of nail colors. There are five different shades in the collection, but two of them seem to have done a lot better. Teenage Dreams, and the standout of the line is the Black Shatter nail color. It took a looooong time for me to finally get my hands on one and I have been meaning to do a post about it.

Black Shatter is a black top coat that cracks as it dries on your nails to give them a crackled effect. When it was first released a major misconception was that it would only work with the other colors in the line. I think it was just OPI trying to get us to buy more of their polish. You can use this on ANY color you prefer! However, in my own opinion I think it looks better on top of brighter nail polishes. Since Spring and Summer collections are coming out you can definitely take advantage of that!

If you do a thin layer the effect is slightly different than a thicker coat. The polish does dry pretty quickly so make sure you get your desired amount on your nail on the first try to avoid a clumpy mess.

I’m not one to always have a perfect manicured hand with no chips on it so I couldn’t really tell you how well it wears. But I do know that if your like me and don’t keep up with your nails and maintain them, this is a great polish to hide those little chips as the days go by.

OPI Shatter Black

Have you picked this up yet? What’s your favorite color to wear with it?


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